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Ming Art Zine #01

This is the first issue of Ming Art Zine and about Japan´s Traditional Craftsmen. US Letter-Format, 22×28 cm and 120 pages, Color and Black and White pictures.

These photographs, taken in the years 2009-2014, were inspired by my long, contemplative walks through Tokoname. As I moved through my local woodlands in Germany, surrounded by the music of birds, the gentle lapping of small streams, and the soft tempo of the wind gliding among the leaves, I was filled with a sense of awe and quiet reverence. In the sculpture of every teapot, I saw reflected the harmonious relationship it shares with nature itself. I have sought to mirror that union through these images. It is my small way of helping to sustain this exceptional craft, and moreover, of paying tribute to these artisans who, through their talent, nourish our minds and satisfy our souls.

Enclose you can see a preview of the Zine, click to enlarge. Enjoy.

  • Digital Monochrom

    The RICOH GRD 1, or classic, or original in terms of being the first GR digital, been released in 2005.

    Leica Summilux 35 Pre ASPH

    The Summilux 35 Pre Asph is the smallest 1.4/35mm lens for Leica M. It is light and makes it perfect for traveling. Especially for Leica M Film cameras, the 1. 4 is welcome in low light conditions.

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