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Fuji X-10 - a classic

Fujifilm x-10

I got into the X in 2011, when Fuji announced their X-10. Excellent build and image quality and I loved (and still love) the Retro look.

I didn´t use my old friend for a while, because of his bigger brothers X-100 and X-E2. The X-10 will not fit in your pants pocket like the Ricoh GR, that´s why I prefer the latter.

When shooting in black and white and high ISO from 800 - 3.200, you get wonderful "film" grain. Auto Focus is quick and accurate with good exposures and dynamic range. X-10 is great for the streets, because of the smaller sensor you get a large depth of field when shooting f8. All in black it is inconspicuous. X-10 also has the "Q" button, the RAW knob, which gives quick access to all settings.

Fuji X-10 - a classic.

  • Fuji X-100 and Ricoh GR

    After using the Ricoh GR and Fujifilm X-100 intensenly, I would like to share some thoughts and experience here

    Shudei teapot

    I received this shudei (red clay) teapot from

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